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Authentic Mongolian Life Tour in Xanadu,Inner Mongolia

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"Xanadu yurt" is located in 70km Northeast of Shangdu (Xanadu) town , where desert, forest, lakes and grassland are found in one place. Staying in our camp you have  great opportunity to see, experience and learn nomadic culture more in depth while roaming in authentic life.We provide variety of local Mongolian food. Safe and hygienic meals will be prepared in local and traditional style. 

Mongolian ger/ yurts means “house, home” is referred as the White Pearl of the Steppe. It is not only practical in daily use, but holds many meanings for Mongolians. The ger perfected to meet the demands of a nomad’s life, is a circular felt, covered dwelling with lattice walls that can be erected and dismantled within an hour. The materials of the ger are lightweight, which makes it easy for herders to transport the gers either on the back of a camel or on a horse-pulled cart.

Facilities & Services

★ Staying with authentic herders family
★ Traditional Mongolian meal

★ Solar & Wind power combinational electricity

★ Toilet with running water

★ We have 10 yurts, each of them can accommodate 3-5 people
★ Drinking water is usually purified & boiled
★ Activities like archery, horseback riding, sand slide, bonfire...
★ Informing travelers about local culture 
★ Public area ---Yurt Bar
★ Yurt with pillows and blankets 

★ Fire stove for heat 

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