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Water bodies run through the city of Guilin, China, like the veins of the city that coarse vitality throughout the cityscape. Two Rivers and Four Lakes, a favorite tourist attraction near the downtown area is the point of confluence of Taohua and Li River and Shanhu, Mulong, Guihu and Ronghu Lake. The lakes and rivers are interconnected by 19 bridges that were fashioned by drawing inspiration from native and foreign bridging contructions.

A restful spot amidst the hustle bustle of the city life, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a place you cannot simply choose to miss while in the city. The 1,700 meters area has been developed into a park for tourism reasons. The place is bordered with lines of ancient trees, flowering bushes, arbors and plants on all sides. Apart from the natural setting, the park are has a number of architects of historic value to interest the visitors.

Things to Do in Two Rivers and Four Lakes

The place is a haven for both people who love activities and those who prefer to sit and admire nature’s magnificence. For the latter, the place has a bounty of eye candies, starting from the Ronghu lake island to the Chinese garden to the historical stone carvings. Watching the splendor of the surrounding while sipping on a cup of Chinese tea in the single-most teahouse of Ronghu Lake can be the most calming mind exercise one can possibly practice in public. A zigzag bridge takes the tourists to the island.

One of the greatest attractions of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes is the pair of pagodas, named Sun and Moon. The most surprising thing about the twin pagodas is that they are curved out of solid bronze. While the Sun Tower if 9-stories high, the Moon Tower has seven stories, both standing at heights of 41 m and 35m respectively. The second mentionable thing about the towers is their position in the mid of the Shan Lake. Curiously, the towers have two extreme entryways: the bridge for the Moon tower and the underwater route for the Sun Pagoda. The architectures made of glazing bronze, tiles and wood are worth a visit if you happen to be in the city of Guilin.

A cruise service available in the area around the evening time makes the tour all the more pleasurable for the travelers. Several well-decked deluxe cruises are available to book if you want to take a slow ride down the winding lakes and rivers in the dimming twilight.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a place in Guilin that never allows the travelers to be idle for long. Catch on a blinder performance at the Guilin Opera, and you will have the true experience of being in China with soothing traditional music and a touch of the martial spirit of the place.

Even dining at the local Chinese restaurants that offer mouthwatering, authentic Chinese cuisines, followed by a walk along the snaking lanes of the park can be an invigorating experience. The strong smell of Chinese herbs and spices emitting from the line of bistros bring out the local flavor.

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