A Sincere Man in Pursuit of Love from across the Ocean - Photos by Pantene..., China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen

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This is the most friendly and open-minded man I've ever seen in my whole life. He came a long way across the sea just to pursue his own happiness.

He was a kind, friendly, humorous and generous man, who had lost his beloved wife years ago. His kids were grown-up and he got a well-paid job in Seattle.

After spending a long time mourning his beloved wife, he realized he had to go on with his own life and that he still had the right to chase love and happiness. So here he was! He was always having good feelings for Chinese women. He thought they were beautiful, brave, upright and hard-working. That's why he started posting his own information online to look for opportunities.

Actually he had a great chat with some girls online before he came to China. He thought that was far from enough so he made up his mind to come a long way just to meet them in person and show his incredible sincerity and frankness.

The first girl he was going to meet was from Shenzhen, who wasn't able to keep her promise and never showed up. But he was not giving up on this go-after-happiness trip so that's when we decided to take some time off before we set off to our next destination Huadu, a small city near Guangzhou and had a great time in the well-known tourist attraction:Window of the World.

During the one-day tour in Window of the World, we've seen a lot of landmarks from different countries. It was amazing, especially for a young girl who had no chance to go abroad for the time being.

And I noticed that both he and I were fond of taking pictures. As you can see in this album,there are so many pictures of me or him taking pictures with cell phone and camera.As a matter of fact, I do appreciate the photos he took for me with his SONY digital camera, which he bought in Japan and was pretty proud of!

As for the food we were having, I was shocked to see how he liked almost all Chinese food, northen and southern! We had Hainan food for the very first meal. And then there were Shanxi food,Kungfu(traditional fast food) and traditional family meal! Knowing that  he lived in Japan for years before, no wonder why he chose Sushi as a warming meal when we went and met the first girl in Huadu!

About this girl, she was special and too young for her age as we recalled. She looked like a 20-year-old girl but she was in her thirties for sure.She didn't speak English that well so that's why I was needed then. All I could remember is they had a great time together during the dinner, talking,laughing and sharing each other's life. And they were both satisfied with the person they were meeting.

But I won't tell you how things ended between them! I had to keep it as a screet! Huh...