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Testimony: I am an American who has lived and done business in Asia for the past 3 years. I can say that I have never met an interpreter as truly excellent as Michelle. I was extremely impressed with her command of English and Mandarin, and she truly made our negations process an easier and more enjoyable experience. What I can say to anyone who is considering finding an interpreter, that Michelle is the right one for you. I will continue using her for all of my business dealings in China. Lawrence H. Sarabi President of TITEN Inc.

Testimony VIII Michelle, Thank you very much! I could not have found a better guide. My first 2 days in Shenzhen, we were lost. One call to you, and so lucky, you were available. From the Shenzhen area To Hong Kong and Zhuhai, your recommendations of where to go and what to see, always the perfect choice. I was hesitant to call you, being a tourist not a business. Serious, you need to expand the services on your web site, you are not only a translator and guide, but you can do personal tours that are not possible with the packaged deals online. I really enjoyed eating in the local mom and pop restaurants and getting the real view of China. I appreciated your ability to recognize our likes and dislikes and adjust our plans in the moment. Trust me, I am not the easy customer! As you now know! Your ability to keep smiling and keep the positive view - To me was just simply awesome. To find the Hard Rock Cafe in Hong Kong and listen to some live music. To the water park in Zhuhai, with the chair lifts and all the Wonderful views. Liza and I will never forget our time in China.