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The beautiful Maranjab Desert is one of the most popular desert areas of Iran which is very popular among deserters. This desert is one of the best places to choose for wilderness trips.
Maranjab Desert is located to the north of Aran and Bidgol city near the kashan town, to the north by Aran and Bidgol salt lake, to the east by the Rig Band Desert and the Desert National Park, to the west by the Masile Desert, and the salt lakes and salt lake basins It eventually leads to Aran and Bidgol from the south.

The name of the desert is said to have been chosen by Shah Abbas Safavi. Some also say that digging wells and reaching fresh water in the desert was a daunting task, which is why they were formerly called the "man of water suffering" who gradually changed to a marijuana.

In desert you can take pictures from sunset and sunrise and it's wonderfull. also you can see camel in desert and drink fresh camel milk.

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