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Miyun was one of the places where Warlord Feng Yuxiang stationed his troops in preparation of the Beijing Coup of 1924.[1] In the 1930s, Miyun District was occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army and became part of the area controlled by the East Hebei Autonomous Council, a puppet state of Japan. The Japanese occupation was challenged, however, when a local Taoist priest managed to incite Miyun's peasantry. As member of the Yellow Sand Society, he garnered followers and managed to convince them that they could become immune to gunfire through magical rituals that he performed. Thus highly motivated, the peasants launched a rebellion in July 1936 and defeated an East Hopei Army unit that was sent to suppress them.[2] Nearby Imperial Japanese Army forces were consequently mobilized against the insurgents. By September, the uprising was defeated and about 300 of Miyun's Yellow Sand rebels had been killed or wounded in the fighting.[3]

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