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Mayon Volcano (Mount Mayon)

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About this place

Mayon is located on Luzon Island in the Albay Province and it is most famous for its perfect cone shape. It is also included in the Mayon Volcano Natural Park. According to statistics, Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. In many eruptions throughout its history, Mayon left many victims, and buried or burned villages and monuments. Its cone shape is really marvelous and many people enjoy in its view.

There is also a legend that accompanies this great place. That is a legend of Magayon which tells the story of a beautiful princess and her possessive uncle Mayagon. His niece, the princess escaped with the young warrior which left the uncle very angry. The young couple in escape prayed gods for help and they buried the uncle alive with land. Today, it is believed that the eruptions are in fact the bursts of uncle´s anger.

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