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Ifugao Rice Terraces

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About this place

Northern Luzon is the location of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and to one of the most visited tourist attraction n the territory of the Philippines. The beautiful attraction are the rice terraces built by the Ifugao people.

The sight at the green terraces is as stunning as the sole thought that some were built about 2000 years ago. When considering the period and the tools used, this site is more than amazing. One cannot omit thinking about the techniques used to build this irrigation system that is so sophisticated even when thinking about the technologic advances made since then.

Having in mind the European colonization of the territory, one has to notice that on the Cordilleras territory there are no traces of colonial culture. The most constructing factor is the terrain which is not easily reachable, especially at the time of conquistadors. The authentic culture of the tribes is very much preserved which is still visible from the traditions of the local inhabitants.

Needless to say, the Ifugao´s main product is rice and, of course, their culture, way of life, and many customs they perform are connected to rice.

Due to the extraordinary beauty, the site has been recognized by many tourists who come to visit and marvel the place. Thanks to the tourism, and investments in the industry, there are many activities, and accommodation options available at or near the site. Many guided tours are available, and many visitors decide to walk on the terraces.

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