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Camping na sa Anawangin


Zambales is quite famous for the stunning beaches in Subic. But have u heard of Zambales Coves? 

Cove is a small type of bay or coastal inlet situated within a larger bay. 

Anawangin Cove is the most popular one in San Antonio, Zambales due to its closenest to the coastal barangay of Pundaquit- a barangay in San Antonio loaded with beach resorts but still a very rural area. A laid back place with georgeous view of sky, mountains and sea. Pundaquite beach is composing of clean and fine sands. 


Prior to your night camping in Anawangin Cove, one can have an island hopping  in Capones Island and   

Camara Twin Island. 

⁃ Capones Island is a huge shoe-shaped rock with magnificent limestone cliffs forming the island perimeters. It has a Lighthouse that once guided vessels coming from the North. Climb to the lighthouse is easy since the rocky trail is composing of concrete and stoned steps already. Its viewdeck offers the wide range view of the West Philippine Sea. 

⁃ Camara Twin Island is a few minutes away from Capones. Its twin island seems to be connected by a sand bar but No. It is connected by rock. Isnt it amazing, a rock bar. But be sure to wear protection on your feet. Some rocks are kinda sharp.

Anawangin Cove is the highlight of the tour. It offers a cool sea breeze in a secluded area. Away from what u used to have in the city. No big stores, No television, No electricity and definitely No signal for your phones. What Anawangin offers is a white sand beach to swim, a mountain to trek, a large forest of Pine Trees for camping and overnight stays. A relaxation with different perspective. 

A 4hour drive fron Manila via NLEX amd SCTEX. Anawangin is a close escape from the hustle amd bustle of the city. A short journey to paradise.  

But dont forget to bring:

Food supplies

Drinking water

Personal kits and clothes

Gadgets to light your night for night stay.