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Heaven's Haven


What always pop-up when we heard of El Nido- its a Paradise. But NO, Its Not. It's more than that. EL NIDO is a PIECE OF HEAVEN. 

The place is situated in Bacuit Bay,surrounded by Sulu Sea and Philippine Sea and is one of the original habitat of Tagbanua and Cuyon Tribe. It is also considered one of the best diverse ecosytem in the country that needs to be highly protected. What makes it popular before and until now is the harvesting of swift nest used for Nido Soups. 

El Nido is not just a typical tropic beach paradise, it's a place compared to none. Having its own unique identity- the breathtaking views of nature, above and below sea, the towering limestone cliffs that seems haven for the Gods, the lagoons, the pristine water and its endless white beaches. 

Actually it is not the town proper of El Nido that makes it special. Though the Poblacion (town itself) is so accomodating with its line up of hotels and resorts of every kind-from lowest to luxurious, of its friendly people-hospitality at its best, of its restaurants- built along the shoreline that caters sumptous seafoods, El Nido is seen more on its islands and islets. To simplify, the best thing to do in El Nido is Island Hopping. Dont leave without exploring its tremendous nearby places- the Big,Small and Secret Lagoons, Shizumi Beach, Hidden Beach, Snake Island as well as the Helicopter Island because along its exploration gives u an idea of dipping into its crystal clear waters, snorkeling, kayaking and diving the underwater world composing of countless of corals and reefs and fishes. 

The beauty of El Nido is unexplainable. Better see it yourself. 

There are daily commercial flights from Manila to Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan. From there, take a 6hour ride to El Nido via shuttle vans. Though there is a direct flight from Manila to El Nido via ITI (island transvoyager inc.)its has very limited seats, most often it is fullybook. 2GO ships accomodate passengers as well bound to El Nido via Coron, Busuanga for a 15hrs ride then hop on on some vessel in Coron bound to El Nido for another 8hrs ride.