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Shooting the Rapids

Pagsanjan Falls via Cavinti

Pagsanjan Fals is actually located in Cavinte, Laguna. But the entree point is in Pagsanjan. The Falls was once known as Magdapia Falls derived from the legend of two brothers. 

The magnificent falls is reach in its usual way which is via boat ride from Pagsanjan known as Shooting the Rapids. Boatmen manueveres the canoe in accordance to the waters current. 

An option is now available to reach the falls if you are on a budget-tight situation. And that is by trekking. Yes, trekking and add some rappeling as well. Jump off point for this option is in Peublo El Salvador Natures Park in Brgy. Tibatib, Cavinti. Trekking is about an hour and so depending on your pace. Trail is surrounded by lush green forest, tall trees and well maintained garden. Birds chirping, bugs humming and cool breeze are refreshing. There are muddy roads, rooted trails and concrete steps with safety railings along the way. 

First leap of adventure starts at the statue of El Salvador del Mundo where the view of the river below and the forest meets. Safety harness are provided so keep it tight to your body. Climbing 586 steps of ladder are waiting- Its 90 degree steep vertical metal ladder and 2 enclosed spiral way to the bottom will make u think twice to proceed. But its a challenge u have to overcome. Elevation of the ladder is not so welcoming for person with poor heart. Be sure that u are fit and healthy. To make your way fun and fast do try to rappel. 

After challenging your endurance, u will then be greeted by colorful canoe and rock clifgs at the riverbank as u go down. Pagsanjan Falls is just few steps standing tall infront of u, been hidden by rock boulders. The majestic Pagsanjan Falls, its strong careless current that fills the pool-like area, its cool and refreshing waters are one thing u shoudnt miss. 

Hop on on bamboo raft that will lead u directly below the water. Dont forget to get some massage under it also. Swim, relax and explore the Devil's Cave behind the falls to complete your tour. 

Take a lot of rest before going back to the Natures Park. Remember, your way back will be a Muscle-Numbing steps high.