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Hidden but Found

Hidden Valley

A lush green rainforest which is only an hour and half drive from the city. Yes, a tropical one that awaits you.  This secluded and private resort is long time hidden in a narrow path road from the town proper of Alaminos to the bumby countryside roads where coconut trees overgrown the bananas of Calauan. This 43hectares paradiseis the Hidden Valley Springs Resort owned by the Roxas' of Laguna. 

After the registrationat the lobby, u have to walk your way up the main resort. Cemented pathways lead the way and is surrounded by wild plants, overgrown ferns, fruit bearing trees amd bended bamboos. No bustling and horning of vehicles, no people populating the area, no dust and pollution to fill your lungs. Just cicadas' songs, birds chirpings, welcoming breeze and hospitable people. 

A place blessed with the gifts of water. The resort has 3 LUKE-WARM POOLS which is heated by volcanic rocks believed to be from the dormant volcano/mountain Mt. Makiling, 2 SODA POOLS wherein water fountain is good for drinking but it doesnt taste like any soda at all, 1 LOVER'S POOL which is nestled in the middle of the rainforest. A remote area ideal for couples but nevertheless it is not offlimits for groups or singles. Each pool vary from sizes but what excites me most is the bottom which has black sands on it that tickles my feet. 

Century old Amlang trees are to behold as well. Its gigantic size where one can play hide and seek into its roots. Adding up to the mystic of the place. 

While the hidden falls is a perfect background for photography. Enormous stones filled the area where one can just sit, relax and viewed the current flowing atop. One can dipped but swimming is not allowed due to its current. 

Buffet lunch and afternoon snack is provided for daytours. Buffet lunch is of Filipino, Americanand Spanish Cuisine mixed up while the Afternoon snacks are traditional filipino food. 

Hidden Valley- a perfect haven for people who wants to unwind.