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Enormous Whaleshark-Butanding


Oslob has gained popularity in tourism since 2011 and  booms yearly. Thanks to these World's Largest  fish known as Whale Sharks. They are named Tuki or Butanding by the locals. These gentle giants may grow from 20feet and up. It has gained interest for travel enthusiasts who wanted adventures and excitements. 

Seeing these big whales graciously with mouth opened as big as 5 meters will give chills to your bones thinking what if its mouth swallowed u whole. But dont worry, Butandings are very harmless sea creatures feeding from  plankton and small fishes in your fascination. Swimming, snorkeling and observing them under water is with a direct supervision from the local tourism officer. 

Barangay Tan-Awan  is 10km away south from the port area where sighting of Butandings are open. Upon arrival, u will be ask to register and be given short briefings on what to do and not to do upon your encounter with the giants. Small canopy will bring you to the crystal clear water where glimpse of these friendly mammals are visible. The area for watching them is 20 to 30 meters away from the shoreline. Life jackets and snorkeling gear are provided to keep up close to the creatures. But be sure to follow the allowable 5meters distance. For it will be harmful for them to be touch and for your safety as well. Remember its massive weight and the fury of its tails.

For those who are afraid to swim, you can hang on your boats bamboo floater.  A safe position that allows u to see and get close to the whalesharks without worries in swimming.

Dont just imagine the whalesharks. Be there! Experience the surreal feeling. And later on be proud that u have swam with one of the most fascinating creatures in the Philippines.