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Rock n Roll sa Bohol


Beyond Chocolate Hills, there are lots of places to Role in Bohol. 

1. Take Selfies with Tarsier- One of the most adorable and smallest primate in the world yet considered to be nocturnal feeding itself with insects. An animal having big wide eyes that seems to eat u out if u disturb their sleep. Only in Bohol that u see them closer since its kind is already in extinction. 

2. Leap at Chocolate Hills- This is the top tourist spot in Bohol. Atleast 1268 and more "chocolate kisses" scattered on 50 sq km land area. These coned or domed shaped hills are actually made of grass covered limestone. They turned green on rainy season and brown in summer. 

3. Alfresco Lunch in the River- After a half day of touring, indulge yourself on a sumptous buffet lunch on one of the floating restaurant in Loboc River. Feed your stomach with their local cuisine, Feed your eyes with the rivers surrounding and they will feed your soul with harmony as they serenaded u during your stay. 

4. Swing Your Hearts Out- A bamboo bridge was made thats hangs  25meters high above river. Feel the thrill as u walk and swing, its not everyday that u encounter a bridge and a swing at the same time. 

5. The Church is Ruined but Our Faith is Not- The oldest churchin the country, Baclayon Church os now a ruins after an earthquake hit Vizayan Region in 2013. Structures of the old church was made of corals and is quite impossible to rebuilt again using the original materials. But as they say with the faith we have, Baclayon Church will rise again in God's perfect time. 

6. Enchanting Man Made Forest- On your way to Chvocolate Hills, this forest in Bilar will welcome u first. Trees uniform in height bending on each other, enchanting bird sounds, coolness that hugs u tight, and fresh air coming from these mahogany trees are great. Isnt it good to help Mother Nature. 

7. Get Tanned in Alona- One of the white sand beaches in the Philippines are found in Panglao, the Alona Beach, named after a local actress Alona Alegre. The wide beach area amd shoreline is consisting of beach resorts but is quite cheaper comparing to Boracay. Blue sky, aquamarined waters, ocean horizon are very much inviting for u not to dwell in its beauty. The beah is also alive at night time. Party goers dances with fire dancers, live bands warms the cool sea breeze area. The restaurats in the area alos offers wide range of seafood to choose from. Forget your diet, your on a vacation. 

8. Be Thrilled with the Dolphins- Take an early boat at Alona Beach and go see dozens of dolphins swimming gracefully in the water. These cute mammals will jump out of the water for your eyes' delight. 

9. Amazing Balicasag Island- A Sea-Heaven. A perfect creation of its Creator. A long stretched marine sanctuary and believe me I have never seen a wall under the sea but there is, separating the sanctuary from the deep blue sea. Corals, corals and more corals. Thousands of them that u never thought existed: heart-shaped, table corals, cabbages and brainy ones.  School of fishes of different species and colors, I never thought that rainbow would be under the sea as well. Addition to this is the collection of giants clams been taken care of of the Balicasag Divers. A must see haven. 

10. Be mesmerized with Virgin Island- A tropical oasis in the middle of the sea with white powdery sand bar which is only exposed during low tide. Its shallow water can take your stress out. 

As they say, Let us Rock and Roll in Bohol.