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Lakbay Albay


Spicy cuisine, "Pinangat" and Pili Nuts, Yes! These are all found in Albay. However Albay is popular from the "perfect-coned shape" volcano. Everything about tourism in Albay speaks of and is attached to 'Magayon' a bicolano dialect which means beautiful and that is Mt. Mayon. 

Be mesmerized of his magnificent shape that has no blemish even after every eruption (it is the most active volcano in the country). Photograph his natural wonder, capture his breath-taking highness never knowing that it may erupt anytime. Savor his stunning and unforgetable beauty. Truly Mt. Mayon will always make Albay Magayon. 

If you cant get enought of Mayon, try to come closer to his foot using an ATV vehicle that will lead you to his recent black lava flown area, passing boulders of stone, flowing rivers and array of pine trees. You read it right, Pine trees. Take a look at it yourself. 

But its not just Mt. Mayon that makes Albay one of the major tourist spot in the country. The province has his own colonial churches such as the Daraga Church constructed on top of the hill. It has its gothic and baroque styled structures declared as the National Cultural Treasure in th country. They also have the Cagsawa Church which is the closest destination to the foot of Mayon but sadly because of his eruption in 1814, the entire church was buried and only the bell tower survived which makes it more interesting. We now call this area the Cagsawa Ruins.  Dont worry about how to photograph yourself with the ruins and with Mayon, there are photographers in the area that is willing to help u out. You can pay them at any amount. They are very good with what we call Trick Shots. Get it yourself. 

Lignon Hill Park on the other side has his promising panoramic view of Legazpi City, Albay Church and nonetheless Mt. Mayon. You have to climb the 156 meters high hill to see the 360degrees view of the city. Best place to see the peak of Mayon in the morning and best sunset in the province in late afternoon. The park also has his nature trails, ziplines and viewdeck in the southern area where our volcanolgist has its monitoring section. 

After all the viewing,treat yourself in some sumptous meal ala Bicol Style and pampers yourself in shopping. Legazpi has its wide arrays of shopping area and restaurants. Embarcadero de Legazpi which is fronting the main harbor and Legazpi Boulevard which is poised to become the new commercial strip are some of the interesting areas. 

Getting to Legaspi is easy. You may opt to use Land and Air since it is the Gateway to South Luzon. An hour by plane and 10-12 hours travel by land.