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Crater of Taal

Taal Volcano Crater via Calauit/Secret Trail

A volcano within a volcano, an island within an island. Confusing! That is the Taal Volcano situated in the middle part of Taal Lake which was formerly the mother volcano. One of the active volcano in the country located in Batangas. It is also known as the smallest and lowest volcano in the world standing 1020 feet above sea level only. 

There are 3trails to hike the volcano but only one leads to the crater lake and that is the Calauit Secret Trail located at the southern part of the island, reachable via boat ride for 40 minutes. Passing the panoramic view of Taal Lake on the right and dominated by Mt. Maculot on the left. 

A small village is the jump off point. One should register for the groups name. Horses are also available but its quite pricy since the trail is twice far from the normal trail. For hikers, the climb is longer, steeper, dustier and slippery. That is why balancing on the horse is quite hard too. 

First half would be with the scorching heat of the sun. Since the trail area is wide open with few grasses and cassave plants only until u reach the view deck. A stunning 360 degree view of the inner crater seeing the "caldera" of the volcano with its Vulcan Point Island in the middle. 

From the view deck, the next hike would be cooler though much slippery due to the dust and rock mix up. Tall trees sorrounds the hiking trails til u reach the summit point. The Inner Crater. 

Dont expect a steaming and boiling water lake yet. Instead a green and warm lake would invite u for a quick dip which is hard to resist. The inner lake is surrounded by vulcanic rocks of different colors, from black to gray, orange to yellow to red. 

The real volcanic action is found few meters away from the lake. An area where a strong scent of sulfur is present, where one can see a steaming hot sulfuric fumes and boiling water that can actually cook an egg and light thunder sounds would be heard. Whoaaah..signs of volcano's activeness. 

Trekking the Calauit Secret Trail is a new adventure for people seeking something fun, exciting and new.