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I am researching the potential of a book on Boletus edulis.  It will be a cultural history,  not only biological guide.  The book will contain chapters on the history of this amazing mushroom,  from Roman times till now.  It will be about the how it grows throughout the world - Europe, USA, China, New Zealand, South Africa. It will be about the mushroom pickers,  that have their stories.  It will be about the commercial market for fresh, dried and brined products.   The story will circle around the fact that this desirable mushroom is hard to control - as it is impossible to farm and often don't show up in the woods even if the conditions say it should. 

In addition to people with interest in mushrooms,  the book will target groups interested in cooking,  forage and wild food in general.  The book will be written in Norwegian and maybe translated to English later.  It will be rich with photos and published spring 2014. 

My hope is that I can visit Kunming/Yunnan in mid August. That should be a good period for B. edulis, shouldn't it?  I hope you can help me with these issues:
Help to find local mushroom pickers and follow them out in the field and learn how the mushroom is a part of their income
See how the distribution from pickers to factories take place and is organized
A visit to an industiral facility for Boletes in Kunming
In addition to the visit to Kunming/Yunnan,  I will do a trip to Italy (Borgotaro) and Oregon, USA (The Cascades).

Please don't hesitate to contact me for supplementing information.

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