Helan Mountain Tours – Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

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Helan Mountain


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About this place

It is the largest north-to-south mountain range in northwestern China. It neighbors the Loess Plateau in northwest and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in northeast. The unique location blesses it with distinct natural scenery, human landscapes and ecosystems.

Lying in Alashan Zuoqi in Inner Mongolia, Helan Mountain National Reserve covers a large area, 261 square miles, with the highest peak measuring 11,700 feet. It lies in the transitional zone between grassland and desert. The main feature it protects is the forest ecosystem in arid and semiarid regions which contains rare plants and animals. Walk into the virgin forest of Helan Mountain, and you will feel you are entering a natural "zoo" which is home to hundreds of wild animals such as musk deer, berghaan, foxes and dzeren. Standing on top of the mountain and having a vertical view, you will be dazzled by the vast green sea of trees and, at the same time, be astonished by this marvelous creation of nature.

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