Badain Jaran Desert Tours – Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

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Badain Jaran Desert

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About this place

Lies to the north of Alashan Youqi in Inner Mongolia. It covers an area of 18,146 square miles and is the third largest desert in China and fourth in the world.

Endowed with beautiful and colorful views, Badain Jaran desert has cragged peaks, beautiful lakes, springs and temples. In the middle area of the desert are countless sand-echoing hills. The roaring and gliding sands reverberate through the whole desert like the noise of an airplane. Unlike other dry deserts, Badain Jaran Desert is dotted with over 140 crystal lakes. Most of these are saltwater lakes, but there are also many pure springs.

Badain Jaran Desert is not a barren land. Instead, many desert plants and animals flourish here. Around the lakes, there are thick reeds, white poplars and narrow-leaved obleaster trees. Countless plants, such as camel thorns and Jiji Grass, serve as wind breakers and help anchor the sand. Many of these plants have medicinal values.

The mountains of Badain Jaran Desert have harder surfaces than those in other deserts. This provides an opportunity to explore the desert on wheels. An unforgettable experience is to drive an off-road vehicle at high speed on the wave-like sand mountains.

Tips: The best months to visit Badain Jaran Desert are August, September and October. Because of the extreme weather, bring an overcoat and warm clothing. Bring plenty of water for hydration. The ultraviolet radiation in the desert is very strong, so sunglasses and sunscreens are essential.

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