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Going to a nightclub or disco in China

So you want to go dancing?

In most Chinese cities, you will find many nightclubs and discos. Ask around for the best ones to go to.

Be aware of some cultural things:

a - usually people go to discos in groups, and friends may sit together around a table.

b - often a dozen beer will be ordered, but rather than go Dutch, one person might be paying for the whole table

c- when it comes to drinking, it is common to toast others, then drink.

d - if someone fills your glass with beer or spirit, and toasts you, you might be expect to drink the whole glass dry

e - discos may be noisy and loud  (bring earplugs)

f- in some places the discos close at 1am or 2am and everyone leaves

g - going to a nightclub or disco is one sure way to meet local people