Loyal customers: Strongest marketing tools

When you sit down and think about how you can do the best marketing to your customers, you probably start thinking of all the normal outlets, such as print ads and online ads. However, you may not realize that one of the strongest marketing tools you have is your loyal customers. There is nothing like repeat business and recommendations to help bring in more business. But how can you make sure your customers stay loyal so you can guarantee their return business and recommendations to friends? Here are a few tips.


Build a relationship


People have no problem walking away from a product or service. However, most people get nervous about walking away from a relationship,, according to Forbes. That’s partly why pyramid schemes have so much success. People don’t want to walk away from the friendships they have built with the people around them. They have no problem walking away and trying some new products if they aren’t tied to that relationship. That is why you want to focus on relationships with your customers. The stronger the relationship, the less likely they will ever leave. Even one little dent in that trust and relationships, though, and you could lose a customer forever.


Reward them for recommending you


One of the best ways to help your customers feel like you appreciate them and are happy with what they are already doing is by offering cash for recommendations. With pay per call marketing, you pay a good chunk of money for every recommendation that calls in using their unique phone number. This means they will tell their friends about it and post it on their blogs or websites for people to see. It is basically free advertising for you because you only pay when you get a quality lead calling, and your loyal customers increase their loyalty to you. It is a win-win for everyone.


Stay on top of products


One reason why people may suddenly be willing to make the change from Apple to Android (or from Android to Apple) would be because the products are suddenly lacking. With new products constantly being released, you cannot expect to stay on top if your product isn’t one of the greatest. Loyalty can only go so far. If the iPhone was still in its first generation, there would be nobody sticking around and being loyal to Apple instead of switching over to Android. But since both companies are constantly improving and updating, their customers have a reason to stay loyal. If you aren’t offering the best, then you aren’t really helping your customers, and they have no reason to stay loyal to you. Just make sure you are always doing your best to provide a great brand, and you’ll have a lot more of your strongest marketing tool to work with.


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Source: forbes.com/sites/dorieclark/2015/02/02/how-to-keep-your-customers-loyal-forever/


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