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Mind, Body and Soul Guided Tour of Suburban Delhi


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Delhi's south-west suburbs, India, Delhi, New Delhi

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Whether you're in between flights/you have a layover in Delhi, or you're returning from Jaipur, or you're staying at our homestay, or you want a break from hopping in and out of tourist coaches, or you're looking for a peaceful getaway to tone up your body and mind before returning to the grind, I offer you a variety of unusual things to see not far from New Delhi International Airport (IGIA) and Delhi-Jaipur Highway - by cycle rickshaw, autorickshaw/tuk-tuk, on foot or on horseback!

The tour on foot/horseback/rickshaw starts from our homestay in New Delhi's south-western suburbs, and takes you through a living museum of traditions, customs, lifestyles, architectural styles, culture, livelihoods, rural and suburban landscapes, flora and fauna, indigenous peoples etc. in the space of an hour, or more.
If you're not staying at our homestay, we can arrange to pick you up from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi's domestic airport, IFFCO Chowk metro station/bus stand on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon Railway Station or Delhi Cantt Railway Station (transfer time would need to be added to the total duration of the tour, in that case).
The one-hour tour can be extended to include a variety of modes of slow travel, instead of only one, or any one or more of the following:

- visits to interesting establishments enroute
- village tour
- sleeping under the stars
- a traditional, home-cooked organic meal
- shopping in a colorful bazaar
- bird-watching
- yoga and/or meditation
- sipping herbal tea in a garden while listening to the chatter of birds and watching squirrels at play
- meeting an Indian family
- observing a temple ritual
- attending a class in an Indian dance form
- a pottery class
- a lesson in Indian cooking
- Henna designs on your hands
- a Bollywood film show or a musical evening
- celebration of a local festival
- visit to a vegetable market
- a lesson in organic farming
- a musical evening
- volunteering at an NGO
- attending a spiritual discourse
- lunching in a garden restaurant

Whether you opt for a tour limited to one hour only or extending over several days, I can offer you a multi-sensorial, de-stressing and authentic experience for your personal enjoyment and well-being.

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A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


Delhi looks like a very very peapful and clean place.  I can tel it's a nice area for living in a simple style of life. Thanks for showing this spot we barely hear,

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