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Railway Stations 火车站
Being an important regional economic hub and the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing is easy to access by rail.  For example, a trip to Beijing can be made overnight on a standard train, or faster on the bullet train.  A trip to or from Shanghai takes 2-4 hours depending on the type of train taken.

Nanjing Railway Station (南京火车站)

Phone: +86 (0)25 8582 2222, 9510 5105
The majority of passenger train traffic coming in and out of Nanjing runs through Nanjing Railway Station.  From Nanjing Station it is possible to travel in any direction within China to cities including Beijing, Shangahi, Xi’An and Guangzhou to name a few.  The station itself is new, spacious and conveniently located just north of Xuanwu Lake and on a subway line. Click here to see the map.   


Purcashing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in the main hall in the middle of the first floor of the station. If you’re lucky, you may find a staff member at one ticket booth that can speak English.  The ticket booth for the CRH trains is to the East of the main hall which is on the bottom right of the above picture.  Tickets can also be purchased at travel agents or Gulou (鼓楼) Post Office  for an extra 5 yuan fee.

Getting To and From Nanjing Railway Station

Nanjing Station is located 1 kilometer east of Zhongyang Men (中央门) Long-Distance Bus Station and 3.5 kilometers west of Xinzhuang (新庄) Long-Distance Bus Station.
If you are entering the station from the subway, take exit number 4 which is on the south side of the subway station. When you arrive at Nanjing station, you can go directly to the subway without having to go above ground first.  It is fairly easy to take baggage onto the subway, because the train doors are flat and wide.  Most subway exits do not have escalators, however, each subway station does have one elevator.
There are two locations to get a taxi: on the 2nd floor outside the station and underground next to the subway station.  The taxis underground are for leaving the station only.  Please note that if taxi drivers give you a price up-front or try to barter with you then you are probably getting ripped-off.  Always use the taxi meter and you will get the standard rate.
There is one local bus station on the west side of Nanjing Station and one on the east side.  The west side station has buses that go into the city. The other side has buses heading east into Xianling.

Inside the Station

The station was just finished in 2005 and it shows.  The ticket room is spacious and well ventilated and the layout of the station is very convenient.  The inside of the 2nd floor is clean, with a high roof and nifty architecture.
The signs that help you find your way around the station are labeled in English, but signs that display ticket prices or availability are not in English. Therefore it may be difficult for a person that does not speak Chinese to purchase a ticket.
If you need to put your bags down in a safe place for a few hours, they can be placed in the baggage lockers inside the station.  There are also two small stores outside the station on the west side that will watch small items of luggage.
Downstairs there are food vendors, a small convenience store, and a KFC.

The Other Railway Stations in Nanjing

Nanjing West Station is smaller and older in comparison with Nanjing Railway Station.  There is no subway access, but it can be reached by bus or taxi easily.  Moving around the station, whether you are inside or outside, is quite chaotic like most Chinese train stations.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a taxi from this station as well.
Nanjing South and East Railway Stations receive very little traffic.

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