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Long Distance Buses (长途汽车)

Taking Long Distance Buses from Nanjing

Taking the bus from Nanjing to nearby locations is often very convenient and involves little hassle. All buses are fairly modern and include air conditioning and a VCD player. The bus to Yangzhou takes about 1 hour and to Shanghai takes 3 to 4 hours, to Hangzhou, every 30 minutes, it takes 4 hours to Hangzhou North Station.

Getting Tickets

The cheapest place to purchase tickets is at the bus stations.  It is possible to buy a ticket for any bus departing from any of Nanjing’s bus stations at any station.
Many travel agencies also sell tickets, and some hotels will assist their customers to book tickets.  If you are studying in Nanjing, be sure to check if your university has staff available to help you book tickets, arrange trips, etc.
If you speak Chinese, a reliable source for information is the central inquiry phone number - 96196.

Long Distance Bus Stations in Nanjing

Zhongyang Men Station (南京中央门总站)
This is the main long-distance bus station in Nanjing.  It is located at the intersection of Zhongyang Lu (中央路), Zhongyang Bei Lu (中央北路), Jianning Lu (建宁路)and Longpan Road (龙蟠路).  It is also just one kilometer west of Nanjing Train Station.
Inquiry Line:(025) 8553 1299, 8553 1288(8am-6pm)
Bookings Hotline: (025) 8553 1153
Zhongshan Nan Road Long-Distance Bus Station (中山南路客运站)
Shuttles to the airport depart from this station every half hour between 6:00am and 7:30pm.  The ride to the airport takes about 50 minutes.  Plane tickets can also be purchased at Zhongshan Nan Road Station.
This bus station is located at the intersection of Shenzhou Lu (升洲路) and Zhongshan Nan Lu (中山南路).  It is also right next to the Sanshan Jie (三山街) subway station.
Note that this station is also referred to as the Nanjing North-Central Long-Distance Bus Station (南京中北长途客运中心) and the Sanshan Jie (三山街) Station.
(025) 52856681
Aiport Shuttle Bus Inquiries: (025) 5248 0058 / 5248 0757
Hanzhong Men Station (南京汉中门客运站)
The station is located half a block east of the intersection of Hanzhong Lu (汉中路) and Huju Lu (虎踞路).
(025) 8661 2288, 8665 2227
Zhonghua Men Station (南京中华门车站)
Located on Jihe Cun Lu (集合村路88号)
(025) 5241 8504, 5241 5393
Nanjing East Station (南京长途汽车东站)
Located on Xuanwu Da Dao and Huayuan Lu (玄武大道和花园路)
(025) 8541 0887
Note that this station is also referred to as Xinzhuang (新庄) Station.
An inside view of Nanjing East Long-distance Bus Station
Xiaguan Station (南京下关车站)
#10 Jiangbian Lu (江边路10号). This is on the west end of Jianning Xi Lu (建宁西路).
(025) 588 27455
Nanjing North Long-Distance Bus Station (南京长途汽车北站)
Located across the bridge on Daqiao Bei Lu (大桥北路)
(025) 588 50742 / 5840 1190

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