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Airport 机场
Nanjing Lukou International Airport (南京禄口国际机场) provides flights to both many destinations in China as well as some international locations.

Getting To and From the Airport and Nanjing City Center

Nanjing Lukou International Airport is located 35 minutes southeast of Nanjing.
There is a shuttle bus service that runs through the center of the city to and from the airport.  Buses depart every half an hour from the Zhongshan Nan Road Keyun Long-Distance Bus Station (中山南路客运站).  It is recommended that passengers take a bus from Keyun Station at least 2 hours before boarding time.  Call (025) 52480058 or 52480757 for more information, although you will not likely be able to reach somebody that speaks English.
The buses going in to the city stop just outside level 1 of the airport.  You can’t miss them.  Before 7:00pm shuttles coming in to the city stop at Yuhua Square (雨花广场), Zhonghuamen Long-Distance Bus Station (中华门长途汽车站), Shuiximen (水西门), Hanzhongmen (汉中门), Caochangmen (草场门) and finally Shanghai Road (上海路).  After 7:00pm shuttles coming in to the city stop at Yuhua Square (雨花广场), Jinyu Hotel (金宇饭店), Shuiximen (水西门), Hanzhongmen (汉中门), Caochangmen (草场门) and finally Shanghai Road (上海路).  The Zhonghuamen stop is within view of a subway station.  To get to the subway station walk up the stairs on the north side of the overpasses.
Taxis stop on the first floor of the airport.  A taxi fare from the airport to the city center should cost about 135 yuan. 

Buses Between the Airport and Other Locations

Changzhou (常州) – A bus leaves once daily at 1:00pm.  The final stop is Changzhou Hotel on Yanling Xi Road # 65 (常州大酒点在延陵西路65号).  The bus leaves Changzhou Hotel every morning at 7:30am.
Yangzhou (扬州) – Buses leave daily at 12:00pm, 2:30pm and 5:30pm, travel through Yizheng (仪征) and stop at Youhao Huiguan Xice (友好会馆西侧) and Yangzhou Beimen Wai Street # 1 (北门外街1号).  Buses leave Beimen Wai Street # 1 at 8:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm every day.
Zhenjiang (镇江) – Buses leave the airport at 12:00pm and 2:30pm and arrive at Zhenjiang Tiegongshui Union Ticket Office on Zhongshan Dong Road # 288 (铁公水联合售票处在中山东路288号).  Buses depart the same ticket office at 9:00am and 2:30pm.
Huai’An (淮安) – Buses leave the airport at 2:50pm and stop at Huaihai Square (淮海广场处).  Buses leave Huaihai Square at 8:00am.


The main ticket office phone number is 025-5248 0482, 5248 0499, 9689 6668, 968 890 (for inquire)
Tickets can also be purchased from travel agencies and from some hotels.

There is also a ticket office on Zhongshan Nan Road (中山南路) inside the Keyun Long-Distance Bus Station (客运站).

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