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#Open the present sent from us# Synotrip is going to throw a fancy birthday party!!!

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10 years,
235 countries,
282,960 photos
1,889,299 users,

Every little bit on Synotrip comes from you lovely people!
So far, Synotrip has travelled together with you for more than 3,000 days and nights;
We grow up and step forward;
And we will continue to accompany you further, step by step.

Dear tour guides:

Are you ready to celebrate the 10th Anniversary with us?
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Details of FB Activity:

Duration: 0:00, 10th December to 24:00, 12th December (GMT+8).

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This is a big day for Synotrip and once a 10-yeartime promotion for you all. We want to thank for all of your support and hard work. Love y’all~

Let`s party and get upgraded!

Best Wishes!