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Hongxing Restaurant - Sichuan Cuisine


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No.150, Fenghuang Dongjie, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 9:00am to 9:30pm

About this place

Hongxing, or the Red Apricot, is probably the biggest and busiest Sichuan restaurant in Nanjing.
The Sichuanese never shy away from using the best quality ingredients or from using enough spice.  In typical Sichuan fashion, the dishes are sufficiently “ma” and “la”, which roughly translates into “tingly" and “spicy".  First time customers should be sure to try at least one of the signature dishes such as the Hongxing Chicken (红杏鸡).  The menu does not have English translations, but that should not be a problem since it does contain pictures of every dish in the restaurant.
This is an ideal place to bring guests.  The atmosphere is bustling, roomy, and clean.  There are tables to sit 2-8 people and there are private and semi-private rooms that seat 6 or more people.  Reservations are not necessary for standard tables, but are recommended for the private rooms.
It should cost 120-150 yuan for a meal for 3 to 4 people, not including liquor or tea.  One downer for all the Qingdao Beer-loving foreigners is that Budweiser is the only beer served at Hongxing.
How to get there:  Red Apricot Restaurant is located on the corner of Fenghuang Dong Jie (凤凰东街)and Qingliang Men Dajie (清凉门大街).  The outside of the building has a huge sign with the Chinese name “红杏酒家”.  It is on the 4th floor.

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So wonderful Sichuan food at Hongxing Restaurant.

We went their with a friends and she is Sichuan girl, she said Hongxing Restaurant is nice an dreally traditional then we were there. We ordered the Hongxing Chicken (红杏鸡) as you mentioned, bamboo stew with pork, Yuxiang Shousi, and a 1 Yuan special food Xiehuang Gansi. It was so delisiouse, and as she said it`s the best Sichuan food i ever taste before. She said it`s because all the chiefs are from Sichuan, they know how to cook the REAL Sichuan food, and i totally agree with that.
We h...read more

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