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Tourist Map of Nanjing City

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Map of Nanjing City, China

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Purple Mountain - Massive park area includes many tourist attractions
Xuanwu Lake
Zhongyang Men long-distance bus station
Confucius Temple (Huge Market)
Nanjing Museum
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Nanjing Brocade Museum
Chaotian Palace and Nanjing City Museum
Yuejiang Tower
Nanjing Chang Jiang Bridge
Nanjing Swallow Rock
Xinjiekou - Central Business and Shopping District
Hunan Road - Lots of food, night market and shopping
Jiuhua Hill and Xuanzang Temple
Jiming Temple
Yuhua (Rain Flower) Terrace
Presidential Palace
1912 - Nightlife and high-end food
The airport is to the South-east
Nanjing West Railway Station
Nanjing’s Main Train Station
Nanjing South Train Station
Xiaguan long-distance bus station
Nanjing East long-distance bus station
Hanzhong Men long-distance bus station
Zhongshan Nan Lu long-distance bus station
Zhonghua Men long-distance bus station
Maigaoqiao Subway Station
Hongshan Zoo Subway Station
Nanjing Train Station Subway Station
Xin Mofan Road Subway Station
Xuanwu Men Subway Station
Gulou Subway Station
Zhujiang Lu Subway Station
Zhangfuyuan Subway Station
Sanshan Jie Subway Station
Zhonghua Men Subway Station
Ande Men Subway Station
Xiaohang Subway Station
To Olympic Stadium Subway Station