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Confucius Temple& the Qinhuai River Scenic Area

        Confucius , born in 551B.C and died in 479B.C, is the founder of the Confucius School in China. He is the great educator and great thinker, having famed the world over. His name is Kong Qiu, but he styled himself Zhong Ni. As he was worshippedby the emperors of the past dynasties, he had won the title of "Super Saint Confucius", and his temple had become the shrine second only to the royal palace.

         The Confucius Temple ( or Fuzi Temple), located at the Qinhuai River Scenic Area, is a well-known tourist resort of the ancient capital Nanjing.During the period of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this area was at it zenith of prosperity.The riverside houses and pavilions with carved beams and painted rafters were built row upn row. The song and dance halls were facing each other across the river with pleasure boats shuttling back and forth in-between. At night the river was brightly lit up and there weresongs and music until dawn.