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Yunzhong Xiaoya Restaurant


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Floors 55 and 56, No. 49 Zhongshan Nanlu, Nanjing, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : Open Daily 10am - 11pm

About this place

On the 55th and 56th floor of the Shangmao building, the rotating Yunzhong Xiaoya Restaurant presents an unbeatable bird’s eye view of the central district of Nanjing. 
The menu consists mostly of Cantonese and Huaiyang style cuisine.  A simple meal for two should cost about 100 to 200 yuan. On the other hand, somebody could just as easily spend over 200 yuan per person if they were in the mood for seafood or aiming to impress.
Seating on the 55th floor consists of a rotating ring of 2 and 4 seat tables set right next to the window. The 56th floor contains private rooms. As seating is limited on both floors, it is recommended that guests make a reservation in advance. English menus are not available.

The restaurant is on the very top.

Well-presented garlic pork.

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First spinning Restaurant in Nanjing !

By Samantha,

Nanjing native, let more and more people get to know and love Nanjing!


Yunzhong Xiaoya Restaurant is the first spinning restaurant in Nanjing, it`s 218m high which is also the tallest spinning restaurant in Nanjing. Yunzhong Xiaoya service Cantonese food which is my favorite. Me and my friends went there, 4 people, total consumption is 321 Yuan. Not too bad.
Here are some food we orderd and the wonderful views out of the window.
Note: Dont put your hand bag or belongings on the side of the window, it will gone coz it`s more
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