Xinjiekou Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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About this place

Xinjiekou is the right in the heart of Nanjing city.  It is the center of commerce as well as the busiest shopping area in the city. 
For those who cannot resist shopping for clothes, head directly for Xinjiekou.  Busy markets with affordable clothing such as Fashion Lady co-exist with high-class department stores such as Gold Eagle and Deji Plaza.
Xinjiekou is the third best area to eat in Nanjing. Hunan Road and Confucius Temple barely edge out Xinjiekou, relegating it to third place.  Still, being third in Nanjing says a lot.  Xinjiekou could take first place if it wasn’t for the lack of variety created by a lower density of restaurants. Western chain restaurants such as KFC and Pizza Hut don’t help Xinjiekou’s reputation either. However, on the border of Xinjiekou is Mingwa Alley, which is one of Nanjing’s best alleys to track down tasty snack vendors.

View of Xinjiekou from Yuhuatai - No, that is not much more pollution than the average Chinese city.


Getting To, From and Around Xinjiekou
The main intersection and subway station of Xinjiekou is situated between Zhongshan Road (中山路) from the north, Zhongshan Nan Road (中山南路) from the south, Hankou Road (汉口路) from the west and Zhongshan Dong Road (中山东路) from the east.  The bulk of the activity in Xinjiekou takes place within 300 meters to the east and west of Zhongshan Nan Road.
The subway always runs efficiently.  Xinjiekou sits along the middle of Subway Line 1 which runs on a north-south axis under Zhongshan Road and Zhongshan Nan Road. Within a few years Subway Line 2 will also run through Xinjiekou Subway Station.  All of Xinjiekou proper is located within walking distance of Xinjiekou Subway Station.
During rush hour above-ground traffic becomes much too crowded. Traffic on the main streets generally slows to a crawl and finding an empty taxi is difficult as well.   

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User Reviews

Nanjing is great.

Nanjing is growing fast and becoming better and better, miss everyday i spent there.
Xinjiekou was one sport i went every Friday after work, met friends, shopped around, shopping malls, small stores, restaurants, subway nearby, it`s the center of city and it was the center when i was live in Nanjing.

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