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Swede and Kraut Restaurant


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No.14, Nan Xiu Cun, Nanjing (Very Close to Nanjing University), China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : Open 5:30pm-10:00pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday.

About this place

Swede and Kraut serves Western cuisine in a cozy community-like atmosphere.  High quality pasta, pizza and German-style meat dishes can be found here.  The bread is baked fresh and is also sold at Skyways Bakery nearby.
Prices are comparable to those of other authentic Western restaurants in Nanjing.  Expect to pay 120 to 250 yuan for a meal for two not including alcohol.

How to Get There: Swede and Kraut is located in an alley (南秀村, nánxiùcūn)) one block north of Hankou Xi Lu (汉口西路, hànkǒu xī lù). It is just a little bit farther down the alley than Behind the Wall Cafe.

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User Reviews

Poor service, poor quality, gross food.

I've been here 3 times and they missed the mark on all 3 occassions. First time, we had a group of 10 and the time difference between the first person being served and the last person served was pushing 35 minutes. We might as well have split up. I just finished dinner there tonight (feb 2, 2010 Tuesday) and wish I hadn't. Only 3 of us this time and our order took 45-60minutes. It was around 8:45pm by the time we were served, so it wasn't like the place was packed. To top it off, ...read more
Good German food in Nanjing

By Echo Hu,

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It owned by a foreign couple, so the food is suppose to be original western style.
The dessert was the best part of meal, the ice-cream was smooth and creamy, beautiful go with Bailey's.
Overall, for Skyway, the cafe is a better place to go.

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