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Slow Life Café - Mexican


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No. 81 Shanghai Lu, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : Open Daily 11:00am - around midnight

About this place

Slow Life Café is another place in Nanjing that serves Chinese-American-Mexican food. That is, they serve the Chinese interpretation of Tex-Mex cuisine. Nevertheless, it’s not bad as long as you keep an open mind. It is only 10 yuan for a large Qingdao and three decent sized tacos cost 30 yuan.
Slow Life sits several meters above street level on a raised sidewalk. Several comfortable outdoor tables are suitable for a cheap evening meal or a drink with friends.
How to Get There:

Slow Life Café is within walking distance of Nanjing University and several other foreign-favourites nearby such as Blue Sky and Skyways. It is quite small and the sign is not the most outstanding, but look up to the elevated sidewalk on Shanghai Road and you should be able to spot it.

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User Reviews

So what is there now?



I went to burgur corner couple of times, so it`s also gone? What is there now?
I need to go there and check it out ! Seems like there is not a good location for business.
slow life is closed. it was burger corner for a while, now will has left us.

slow life is closed.  it was burger corner for a while, now will has left us.

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