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Rain Flower Terrace (Yu Hua Tai)


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Located between Yuhua Dong Lu and Yuhua Nan Lu, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 8:30am - 5:00pm

About this place


Legend has it that in the 6th century AD, the monk Yun Guang delivered such a powerful sermon that God himself was moved to let flowers rain down upon this area. This story explains how the stones at this site received their unique color and their name, “yu hua shi,” which means rain flower stone.
In the 1930s, Yuhua Tai was put to use as an execution ground by the Chinese Nationalist Party.  Thousands of their left-wing opponents were detained and put to death here.  After the revolution the park was converted into a memorial ground. The park includes a museum, statues, tombs, and a great obelisk which can be viewed from afar stretching skyward above the trees.
Buying Rain Flower Stones
The main store for purchasing Rain Flower Stones is located in the eastern part of the park.  The stones vary wildly in price from under 10 yuan to over 1000 yuan.  The stone’s value increases if:
- The stones are more finely grained. 
- The stones look like something.  For example, a pattern that looks similar to a flower would be worth more than one that doesn’t look like anything.
- The colors are particualrly vibrant.
Despite these general indications of price, it is impossible for anybody except a true expert to assess the actual value of a Rain Flower Stone.
Park Layout
The Martyrs Museum is located near the south entrance of the park.  Directly in front of the north entrance is the Statue of Martyrs.  On the east side is a variety of smaller attractions including the Rain Flower Stone “Museum” (store) and Yuhua Pavilion.  To the west is a small amusement park for children which includes an additional 5 yuan entrance fee.
How to Get There
Rain Flower Terrace is located along the western edge of Yuhua Dong Lu (雨华东路) and the northern edge of Yuhua Nan Lu (雨花南路). 
To reach the north entrance of the park via the subway, get off at Zhonghua Men (中华门) station. Then exit from the south side of the station and walk a couple blocks east along Yuhua Xi Lu (雨花西路).
There are many buses that go straight to the south and north entrance of the park.
If you were to come by bicycle it is important to note that there are train tracks just north of the park.  If you are coming from the north and do not want to ride in a huge circle, you should carry your bike up a few flights of stairs to cross the bridge next to Zhonghua Men subway station.
New additions to the park are being built in the southeast and southwest corners.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in August.  There is no need to worry as all of the main attractions described above can still be accessed.  Currently, the only inconvenience is that the east entrance of the park is not yet accessible.

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No admission any more.

Rain Flower Terrace (Yu Hua Tai) is now don`t charge for admission any more which is good, so today i took a walk there. It`s quite huge, suddenly i just lose the thought to walking by myself.
Near there gate, there are a few small golf cars which can take you around, it will stop for every attractions, but you only need to pay once, as you having the tickets when next car stop by, you can take. The car ride will cost 10 Yuan/person.
I think it`s a good idea to have this car espe...read more

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