Peking Roast Duck Restaurant Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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Peking Roast Duck Restaurant


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No. 77 Shanghai Lu, Nanjing, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing

About this place

Peking Roast Duck Restaurant offers an excellent special; buy one roasted duck for 38 yuan, and receive a coupon for a free duck which can be used upon your next visit.  Besides the duck itself, it is an extra 8 yuan for each order of wraps, sauce and onions.  Two orders should be enough.  Guests can actually stand beside the chef to witness exactly how the duck is prepared.  When you are about to finish the dish, the attendant will assist you by cooking the duck a second time with a different method.  Have duck soup made for free or you can choose to pay an extra 5 yuan to have the remainder of the duck fried with salt and pepper.  A variety of cold dishes and hot dishes are also available.

There is an English menu available but it is strangely much shorter than the Chinese menu.  Nevertheless, the servers are sure to know you are there for the duck.

During supper hours consider yourself lucky if you can get a table without a wait.

Note: According to Peking Roast Duck Restaurant employees, some of the restaurants below are owned by different owners so prices may vary a bit.  All locations have the "buy 1 now, get 1 free next time" deal but the coupon must be used at that same location.

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I think you can enjoy Salted Duck  in Nanjing.It's delicious.

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