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Nanjing Union Theological Seminary


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No.17 Da Jian Yin Alley, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing

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Established in 1952, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary was designated the national seminary of the Church of China. Originally it represented a union of twelve seminaries in eastern China until the Beijing Yanjing Seminary joined it in 1962.

Nanjing Union Theological Seminary has, since its beginning, focused on training pastoral workers, teachers, and researchers. In order to promote overall development of the students in both spirit and theological knowledge, the Seminary emphasizes "spirit, virtue, knowledge, health, and community".

As the only national seminary in China, the structure of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary is similar to that of universities and colleges in secular society. It has two regular programs: the four year Bachelor Degree of Theology and the three year post graduate Master Degree of Theology. In addition, it has a three year correspondance education program. All students are nominated by their regional church and must pass a written test and interview before being admitted to the Seminary.

Nanjing Seminary is on a new campus in Jiangning District. The original campus will continue to be used as a research center. The new campus lies in the center of Jiangning University City and covers an area of approximately 33 acres (125,000 square meters) with an aim of accommodating 500 students. The current design of the new campus includes the following functional areas: worship area (the campus church), teaching and administrative areas, sports facilities, student residence area, and a front garden.

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