Nanjing Food Court (Nanjing Da Paidang) Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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Nanjing Food Court (Nanjing Da Paidang)


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No.2 Lion's Bridge, Hunan Lu, Nanjing, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : Closes at 2:00am

About this place

I was impressed by the distinctive local features of this restaurant.  As you approach the entrance, two elderly male hosts wearing white mandarin jackets, white round dicers, and towels on their right shoulder enthusiastically direct you inside. Upon entering, you will be surprised by the expansive hall and its old-fashioned, yet tasteful decoration. The first floor is more of a dining hall with tables that seat 4 to 12 guests. The second floor alternatively offers small, private rooms.  The rooms are more comfortable and offer a better viewing angle of the first floor through the wooden windows, but you have to pay spend a minimum of 200 yuan (including alcohol and beverage) in order to obtain a room.

The cuisine served at the ’food court’ is traditional Huaiyang Chinese dishes.  To me, the flavor here simply makes my mouth water. The first time I dined at the food court, two guests and I ate for 190 yuan. The second time 7 of us compiled a bill of more than 500 yuan, so the average expense works out to about 60-70 yuan per person. One last detail well worth a mention is the inclusion of a daily Suzhou Pingtan performance (storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect), which begins at 7 o’clock. Credit cards are accepted here as well.

How to Get There: Check the Lion’s Bridge article.

Other Locations
Deji Plaza (德基广场)
Usually open until 10:00pm
+86 (0)25 8472 2777

No. 96 Caochangmen Dajie (草场门大街96号)
Usually open until 10:00pm
+86 (0) 25 8621 8777

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User Reviews

Good Nanjing Food!

I think Dapaidang is a restaurant that you have to go when you visit Nanjing.
Good food,nice environment.Even Lonely plante guide book has it.
Very special Chinese restaurant.

By Samantha,

Nanjing native, let more and more people get to know and love Nanjing!


I went Nanjing Food Court with Lance, he is a traveler from Hawaii, and i am his tour guide in Nanjing.
He is really curious about Chinese food, especially Nanjing local food, say eel hot pot, chicken embryo (huo zhu zi and wang ji dan), duck blood soup (ya shui tang) and wu ji niu bian tang. So we went to Nanjing Food Court to have a try. When we got there it`s just 5 o`clock and already packed. And we both afraid of the food him mentioned before so we just ordered normal food: Stew more
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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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