Lions Bridge - Food Street Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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Lions Bridge - Food Street
Shizi Qiao, 狮子桥


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Between Hubei Lu and Hunan Lu, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing

About this place

Even when compared with many other bustling, restaurant-laden streets in Nanjing, this little pedestrian area appears to fit the most great restaurants in one place. There are a wide variety of restaurants here including full service Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western style restaurants. And last, but not least, there are naturally a tonne of xiaochi (snacks).

What can you find on Lions Bridge?

- Treats - Try some bubble tea, ice and fruit (baobing), or candied fruit on a stick.

- Meatier snacks - Try the soup dumpling place or the locally popular Xinjiang meat on a stick joint.

- Xinjiang Food - For cheap Xinjiang noodles, take a walk down one of the smaller alleys.

- Pizza - For some interesting Chinese style pizza, consider the roast duck pizza at Aloha.

- Sichuan Food - Give King’s Town a try.

- Huaiyang Chinese Food - Try Nanjing Da Paidang for a tasty selection of Nanjing-influenced Chinese food.

- Korean Food - There are several Korean restaurants on Lion’s Bridge as well as another popular locale on the seventh floor of Suning (苏宁) department store just across Hunan Road.

- Thai - The Thai restaurant is very popular among the foreign crowd in Nanjing.

- Indian - Punjabi is another favourite with foreigners.

- Boring Fast Food - Of course, there are some homogenous competitors encroaching in. If you want to try something totally uninteresting go to KFC or Pizza Hut or even walk down towards the western end of Hunan Road to the McDonalds.

The Hunan Road entrance to Lion’s Bridge.

How To Get There

Lion’s Bridge is located between Hunan Road and Hubei Road.  To reach Lion’s Bridge via subway, get off at the Xuanwu Men station and walk west down Hunan Road for about 5 minutes.  Cabs are typically parked at both ends of Lion’s Bridge.

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User Reviews

Re: Lions Bridge - Food Street

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<p>There are a wide variety of restaurants here including full service Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western style restaurants.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Nanjing Da Paidang

<p><a href="">Nanjing Da Paidang</a> is my favorite in Shiziqiao.</p>
Indian food is usually spicy

<p>Indian food is usually spicy but that is because people in India have their food with a great mix of spices. Most of the spices are good for health but&nbsp; a few like red chilly powder should be avioded. Another great thing about Indian restaurants are that the people are very warm and you really feel welcomed when visiting there.</p> <p>Amongst the greatest food exports to come from Indian resautants or the Indian kitchen is the Indian Curry. Hope you people enjoy more
A great place for eaters.

<p>To be honesty i am an eater, i like to try the food from all over the world. Since the first time i came to Lion Bridge, i just fell in love with it, you can find all kinds of food, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western style restaurants, there always one kind you will like.</p> <p><img width="400" height="300" src="/sites/default/files/image/NJ-Hunan%20Road-Shiziqiao%20Food%20Street.JPG" alt="" /></p> <p>& more

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