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Hospitals in Nanjing

Hospitals in Nanjing

There are many hospitals in Nanjing, comprehensive or special. Foreigners in Nanjing may want to check out SOS.  Other hospitals in Nanjing are listed below:

Address & Transportation
Telephone Number
Description & Speciality
Comprehen-sive  Hospitals
Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM
No.155 Hanzhong Road
Foundedin1954 ; Comprehensive hospital; Specialized in TCM
Jiangsu Province Hospital
No.300 Guangzhou Road(Bus:6;60;91;302;43)


Jiangsu I.T.W.M Hospital
No.100 Cross Street,Hongshan Road(Bus:8;22;24;30;72)
 Fixed asset of 100 million yuan , including a complete set of medical equipment
Nanjing Hospital of  TCM
No.1 Jinlin Road (Bus:1;4;7;40)


Founded in 1956 , Affiliated to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
No.321 Zhongshan Road (Bus:1;16;33)
Founded in 1892 ; Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University science department
Nanjing First Hospital
No.68 Changle Road (Bus:16;28;33)


Founded in 1936;  Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University ;
Expert at heart diseases
Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command
No.305 East Zhongshan Road
51different sections
Special Hospitals
Nanjing Second Hospital
No.1-1 Zhongfu Road, Drum Tower District (Bus:13;42;72)
Afilliated to South-East University Medical Science Department ; Specialized on infectious diseases
Stomatolgy Hospital of Nanjing
No.394 Mochou Road
Founded in 1947 ;
Affiliated to Nanjing University medical    science department ;
Boasts many stomatologist who are experts on mouth or dental problems
Nanjing Children’s Hospital
No.72 Guangzhou Road (Bus:6;48;65)
  Founded in 1953 ;
Has a complete set of sections specilaized on various children’s diseases; Now the hospital has more than 1000 faculty
Jiangsu Tumor Hospital
No.42 Baizi Pavillion (Bus:1;3;33)
Founded in 1973 ; Expert at tumor treatment
Nanjing Brain Hospital
No.264 Guangzhou Road (Bus:6;3;60;304;43)
The first national mental health care facility founded in 1947 ;
The hospital has been equipped with γ-knife , DSA , MRI , CT , computerized navigation operation system
Nanjing Maternity&Child Health Hospital
No.123 Tianfei Alley,Mochou Road (Bus:4)
Founded in 1936 ; Expert in maternity and enfant’s health keeping

Besides going to hospitals, you can also turn to drugstores, which can be seen along the streets. There are various chain stores including Baixin pharmacy, Xiansheng pharmacy, Feichang drugstore, Jinlin grand drugstore and Zhiling grand drugstore. If you just get a cold or some other less serious illness, you can buy medicine there instead of going to a doctor.