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Fashion Lady


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Center of Xinjiekou Pedestrian Square, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 9:30am-10pm

About this place

Fashion Lady has what its name implies – fashionable clothing and accessories for ladies.  Inside this underground mall is two floors of very long hallways lined with small stores each about 10-20 square meters large.  Since these stores are owned and operated privately it seems they each give off the unique style of the owner. 
At Fashion Lady you can find all sorts of clothing as well as shoes, photo sticker machines, jewelry, photo finishing and framing services and some other surprises.

How to Get There


If you are coming via subway, get off at the Xinjiekou Station and walk straight to Fashion Lady through exit #12.  Exit #12 splits off into two.  Just follow the bright light tunnel.
If you are coming from anywhere above street level, walk right into the pedestrian center of Xinjiekou and look for the giant glowing glass pyramid.  You shouldn’t have to look very hard.  The pedestrian center is just south of Zhongshan Dong Lu (中山东路), just east of Zhongshan Nan Lu (中山南路) and just west of Hongwu Bei Lu (洪武北路).
There are also several other entrances above ground that are scattered around the pedestrian center of Xinjiekou.

Also See
- If you have a partner with you that is not so thrilled about looking at girls clothing for too long just send them up above.  Behind the McDonalds is one of the best arcades in Nanjing.
- Huaxin market also has a diverse selection of clothing and shoes.

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Fashion Lady is young girls' shopping paradise. 

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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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