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Drum Tower (Gu Lou)


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People`s Square, Gulou District, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : Open daily from 8am - 5:30pm

About this place

The drum tower (Gulou, 鼓楼) was built in 1382 during the Ming Dynasty.  It was later damaged and rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty.

Originally, the drum tower was used to signify the changing of the guard. On rare instances it was also used to warn the populace of an emergency such as an impending attack or fire. From its hilltop setting, the drum tower allowed for an incredible view of the city in years past. However, the view now seems quite limited due to the high rise office and apartment buildings.

On the third floor there is a collection of photos depicting the old Nanjing. Some photos date back to as early as 1888. For a bit of a fun challenge, examine the old pictures and try to figure out which area of Nanjing they are from.

The drum tower lies on Beijing Xi Lu (北京西路) in the Drum Tower district (Gulou, 鼓楼区). It is adjacent to a large traffic circle that is at the junction of Beijing Dong Lu (北京东路), Beijing Xi Lu (北京西路), Central Road (Zhongyang Lu, 中央路), Zhongshan Bei Lu (中山北路) and Zhongshan Lu(中山路). It is also within walking distance of the Gulou subway station.

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Train tickets

Just as a note, the Gulou post office no longer sells train tickets. If you want to buy them, you can go to the China Unicom (中国联通)office north of the post office on Zhongshan Road(中山路). It is very close to the post office. They will charge you the same 5 RMB fee for processing.
Drum tower is a lung of Gulou area!

They charged us, since we like to collecting the tickets where we go to , if there`s no one there we might not get the tickets then.
Drum tower is looks good, it was quiet and nice, i have to see it`s like a lung of Gulou area, many cars and buses coming around, but you can not feel the polluted air i guess this park works a lot.
Just one thing which is hard to find the entrance, quite tricky place.
A drum and a Bell.

The environment around it is nice, but when we went to the top, there just a big drum and a big bell, nothing else, i think it`s a little bit boring, and that day is a little gloomy, the stairs of the Drum tower are really slippery and sharp, be careful when you go on a raining day.
That day no one charges us it`s kind of wired though.

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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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