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Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

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About this place

Situated in the south part of Nanjing and surrounded by the Qinhuai River, the Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) is one of the city’s most popular attractions.  Confucius Temple consists of a cluster of symetrically arranged buildings and covers an area of over 26,000 square meters.  The temple is home to excellent examples of both Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. However, the biggest draw for most Nanjing locals is the great food and shopping.


Confucius Temple was founded in 1034. In antiquity, the temple was a site where people could make sacrifices to Confucius (孔子, Kong Zi), arguably China’s most celebrated ideologist and educator. The temple also served as a marketplace for merchants as well as a center where culture and arts thrived.

In 1985, the municipal authorities decided to "renovate" Confucius Temple in order to keep up with the times.  A series of tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and hotels set up shop here with the goal of enabling Confucius Temple to better express a combination of traditional and modern beauty.

There are many places of historical interest  within Confucius Temple, such as Jiangnan Gongyuan (江南贡院) and Wuyi Xiang (乌衣巷).  Jiangnan Gongyuan was the largest imperial examination place in ancient China. Constructed during the Song dynasty, potential government officials were examined and selected here. Wuyi Xiang, or “Black Clothes Lane”, was named after the Wu soldiers, who wore black uniforms. During the Jin dynasty, Wuyi Xiang became the residence of Minister Wang Dao, followed by Minister Xie An, and finally a few of Nanjing’s noble families.  During the Tang dynasty, a famous Chinese poet named Liu Yu Xi wrote a poem here: Gone are the swallows at Wang-Xie’s Mansion into the houses of the common.


In addition to common boutiques, there are many shops in Confucius Temple that feature local folk crafts and commodities, unavailable in other parts of the country. Tourists can buy various Nanjing specialties including Nanjing brocade, Jinling gold foil, Jinling folding fans, wood carvings, Rain flower pebbles, Nanjing dried salted duck, Yuhua tea and much more. Generally speaking, the initial price quoted by the peddlers will be much higher than the price you can bargain down to, so it’s advised to learn how to bargain Chinese style before making purchases.


It is worth the trip here just for the food, because Confucius Temple boasts a variety of delicious snacks. Duck blood and bean-starchy vermicelli, Jellied bean curd, fried scallion pancakes, beef soup, beef-stuffed Guo Tie (lightly fried dumplings), spiced broad beans, Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cake are just a few of the delicacies on hand.  All of these treats are mouth watering, yet not too expensive.

Boat Rides

An evening cruise on the Qinhuai River is a wonderful experience. Nanjing skyscraper’s neon city lights light up the river at night. Many kinds of boats are available for rent. Paddle boats are a cheaper option. However, "Qibanzi", a type of boat with a roomy cabin and cane chairs on the deck, is a little bit expensive, but less tiring and more comfortable.

Getting There

Take the No. 1 bus.  The No. 1 bus stops at every Subway station from Nanjing Railway Station Station to Xinjiekou.  If you are far away first take the Subway to Xinjiekou and then take the No.1 from there. 

Any cab driver in the city will know how to get to "Fuzi Miao".

Confucius Temple during Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is held on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year.  From the first week of the Chinese New Year, Confucius Temple begins to get busier and busier until the climax of the Lantern Festival.  The crowds become so large and busy during the Lantern Festival that hundreds (if not thousands) of police officers are required to control the throngs of people.

Confucius Temple during the Lantern Festival.  Photo taken by Ishw.

Another shot of Fuzimiao at night during the Lantern Festival.

The main square shown in this picture is divided in two by a
wall of police officers during the Lantern Festival.

The mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. 

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Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

By fakejp,

<p>Zhang is the best tour guide I know in China, and I highly recommend his services. As an American businesswoman who travels to China frequently and organizes numerous delegations as a part of my company&rsquo;s work to help promote better understanding between China and the U.S. , it&rsquo;s important for our tour guide to be fluent in English, knowledgeable about China, its history and culture, and able to navigate throughout China seamlessly, having access to people, places more
Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou

<p>nice photos.&nbsp;</p>
Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

By Shaolu86,

Your professional, experienced, knowledgeable tour guide

<p>Fuzimiao is located in the south of Nanjing and is associated with many well-known names, such as Nanjing Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River, Jiangnan Gongyuan (where ancient provincial and national examinations were held), Wuyi Xiang</p>
Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

By ,

<p>Confucius was thought as the greatest teacher in China&#39;s history. But From Chunqiu danysty until now,i was thousand-year past. So today we even and never how is person of confusius. What we heared is from all the people oral by oral.</p> <p>Anyway,some thoughts of Confusius is very good and wisdom . But till Ming Danysty a man called Zhu Xi, who misuderstood confucius&#39; thought compeleted,and think women have no any place. Womna only serve man,what a shit more
Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

By CP,

<p>I initially thought this place would be really touristy and not too interesting. Well, I went here twice and I was wrong. It&#39;s a pretty cool place, with historic buildings and steles, attractive architecture that look really nice at night, and a lively atmosphere. Sure, it is touristy, but in a good way. The Confucius Temple itself is quite nice, with an inner pathway lined with statues of a number of his best disciples. Similarly there&#39;s a number of statues of famous more
Lane market in Confusions Temple .


<p>I like to go two lane market which around the Confusions Temple, especially the small shops which sell the chopsticks and the crystal balls, they were so nice and pretty, and you can barging with them, i like barging a lot, whatever the price they say just say 20%-30% of it, normally it usually will be like that. If you can go with your Chinese friends that will be easier.&nbsp; </p> <br /> <br /> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Cool Place in Nanjing!
<p>I have been Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) many times since i stay in Nanjing for more than 2 years.<br /> <br /> The small market is my favorite, every time when i have friends come to visit me and they want to buy something as souvenir i will take them here, `coz here sells many handcraft and very traditional woods like silk or lanterns, and i am crazy of the <strong>stamps</strong> recently, <strong>they will give you a Chinese name based on your name more

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Have a fun trip!

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