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Castle Bar


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No.6, Zhongyang Lu, Nanjing, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 7:00pm-6:00am

About this place

Castle Bar is lively on weekends and can become packed during special events. However, during weekdays staff members often outnumber customers.
On a typical Friday or Saturday night Castle Bar sees a mix of Chinese bar-goers, foreign students and middle-aged expats. Most come for a cheap place to drink and dance with a group of friends.  A free VIP card grants access to ten yuan bottles of Qingdao and other drink specials. The pool table is always free but don’t expect perfectly straight cues.

How to get there:  Castle Bar is right next to the Gulou Subway Station, adjacent to a McDonalds and almost within view of The Drum Tower (Gulou, 鼓楼).  It is on the east side of Central Road (also known as Zhongyang Lu).

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User Reviews

A disco where you can dance.

<p>Castle is a good place to dance, on the weekend we like to go there dancing after have dinner.<br /> But just a small warning here, their booze will make you a strong headache and vomit, feels horrible, try something in bottle like beer, might be safer.</p>

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