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Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant


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No.117, Fengfu Lu, Xinjiekou, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 10:30am-15:00pm, 17:00pm-22:30pm

About this place

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant a traditional Indian restaurant run by an Indian, the restaurant is not  too big, but it can supply at least more than 30 customers at the same time.
The environment is traditional Indian looking, the food, the drinks will bring you to the real India.  And a great part is they will play the Bollywood movies and Indian local TV shows all the time, singing and dancing, fantastic.
If you like curry and Bollywood movies come to Taj Mahal.

Opposite of Nanjing Police Station where you can get your visa stuff by the way. It`s on the Fengfu Lu and Shigu Lu, every taxi driver knows there and if you take the bus to Xinjiekou, say No. 16, 18, 33, 34, 35, 100,Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant will is within a walking distance.

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User Reviews

Expatss in Nanjing love this restuarant!

By Echo Hu,

Experienced business assistant and traveler.


Expatss in Nanjing love this restuarant!
Curry dishes are authentic.
A great Indian restaurant in Nanjing.

Every time if we want to have Indian food, Tai Mahal is the first on our list. It is located in the center of the city, easy to find, and the boss is really nice, when you get there you feel like at home, and the Bollywood movies on and on all the time, eating while enjoying the music is one of the great time in my life.
The food are local and traditional, the curry is my favorite dishes, with a piece of nan, oh, my, super!!!

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