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Nanjing Tangshan EA Hot Spring Hotel


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No. 8 Wenquan Road, Tangshan street, Jiangning District, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 24 hours

About this place

It`s a lovely place to have the hot spring and spend a relaxing day there,  very variable hot springs. Flower hot spring area, which specialist in all kinds of flower hot springs, jasmine, rose, herb and so on; Turkish hot spring area which has little fishes that will eat your dead skin; Dead sea floating hot spring are; they even have hot spring with Chinese traditional medicals that will good for your body and health.

Most of their hot springs are outdoors, but they do have hot springs indoors that for winter time.

Their services are quite nice also, you will have dry and clean towers everywhere, with free tea and free soda drinks, and you will have some small snaks when you want to take a break.


You can book a room there and enjoy the hot spring, or you can just go there for the hot spring. They have some rooms that even have private hot spring pool for you own or your family.

Note: for taking the hot spring, you better to bring your own swimming suit if possible.

Taxi or drive there.

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