Mochou Road Church (Christian) Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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Mochou Road Church (Christian)
莫愁路礼拜堂 (基督教)


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No.390 Mochou Road, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing

About this place

Originally constructed nearly 400 years ago, Mochou Road Church is the oldest Catholic Cathedral in Nanjing and one of the municipal cultural relics. It is said that the church was built by an Italian churchman who was considered “the forerunner to promoting cultural exchanges between east and west”. During the Northern Expedition War in 1927 the church was seriously damaged. The Kuomintang spent ¥150,000 in 1928 to rebuild it. Its facade is relatively plain, but the vault framework and the 10th Century Romanesque decoration inside leave a lasting and positive impression.

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Re: Mochou Road Church (Christian)

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welcome to Nepal from 'Deepak' tour/trek guide all around the Nepal


beautiful trip
Re: Mochou Road Church (Christian)

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welcome to Nepal from 'Deepak' tour/trek guide all around the Nepal


looks amazing
Re: Mochou Road Church (Christian)

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The gospel was brought to Nanjing from Suzhou early in 1867 by George Duncan of the China Inland Mission.
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A nice place to go if you are Christian.
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Nanjing Christians.

Every Sunday morning around 7am they will have the worship, many Chinese Christians will come here and pray.
And also on the Christmas eve, they will come here to celebrate this holiday.
And it`s getting popular that young people have their traditional wedding in Church these years.

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