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Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant


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No.193 Shi Gu Road, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 10:30am-10pm

About this place

Himalaya Nepalese & Indian Restaurant is one of my favorite Indian restaurant in Nanjing, it`s at the left corner of area, a little bit hard to find but it`s get so crowed every night.

When you entered the restaurants, you feel like at Indian, they have 2 floors, all the tables, foo-tangs, lights all the decoration are look like Indian style. On the wall they have many pictures token from Nepal when the boss traveled there years ago.

The have 2 Nepal local chief cooking there, so the food at the restaurant is so traditional that`s the reason why many people likes there.

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User Reviews

How come?

By Ivy,

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I went there often last year, they were all good, how come they become like this now, i dont know what happened there, hmmmm.......

Today is my LAST visit to this ridiculous restaurant! 2 foreign friends and I went to this restaurant for dinner because of its unique taste of Asia and decorations. The services crew was short-handed. The prices are reasonable but the bill is RIDICULOUS! The restaurant make it compulsory for all patrons to feel obligated to make donation to some charitable organisation without a word to inform. I was only aware of that when I checked the bill. But when I enquired about the organisation, the ser...read more
Love there!

I love the food and decorations there!
Chesse Bolls are my favorite!

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