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Mandarin Study Nanjing


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1102,1-1,Wandaxidi, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 9am to 9pm

About this place

We offer expats here in Nanjing high quality learning experience via small groups and private course.

Small Group Course
Results prove that small group courses are fun and effective.
Each group class is designed and prepared to meet the needs of individuals who want to learn Chinese. With our small group course, you are assured of high quality tuition, flexibility and value. By taking a small group course, you will enjoy the following benefits: 1.Small size (maximum 8 people per class) 2. Interactive group dynamics 3. Discipline of teacher-led instruction. 4. Flexible place (either your office,house or our center)
Private Course
Our private course is designed to meet the needs of those who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled course because of frequent traveling, or for those with special learning requirements. It is more than just sending you a private tutor. We provide a customised and structured course to help you achieve your learning objectives.


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Re: Mandarin Study Nanjing

By suchos,


Hi Sabrina, I was trying to contact through this website but it didn't work :-(
I hope you read reviews :-)
I'm looking for Chinese class in Nanjing.
I'd like to attend Chinese course no more than 2 times a week, one lesson no more than 1.5 hours.
My aim is to be able speak and understand Chinese. I am currently not interested in learning reading/writing Chinese characters.
I prefer class with as less students as possible.
I am not more

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