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Giraffe center


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About this place

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya (A.F.E.W Kenya Ltd) also known as the Giraffe Centre is a non profit making organisation, which was founded by the late Betty and Jock Lesilie Melville in 1979. The late Betty, Jock's American born wife, had earlier discovered the sad plight of the Rothschild giraffe and there were only 120 left on an 18,000 acre ranch in Western Kenya that was scheduled for sub-division and settlement. The first effort to save this sub-species was to bring two young giraffes to their property in Langata and later Betty founded AFEW USA. 

Funds were raised to move five groups to different safe areas in Kenya namely; Lake Nakuru National Park, Mwea National Game Reserve, Ruma National Park and Nasalot Game Reserve. Funds raised via AFEW USA. also built the Giraffe Centre and have bouhgt 60 acres, and is in the process of buying 40 more acres for the Sanctuary.


Young ones born at the Centre were translocated to Soi Sambu ranch near Lake Elementaita, Kigio Conservancy and Sergoit Ranch in Eldoret while recent translocation have seen our young ones taken to Mwea National Game Reserve.Today the Rothschild giraffe population is close to 500 animals.

The purpose of the Centre is to create awareness and provide free environmental education aimed at sensitising Kenyan youth and the general population on the need to appreciate and conserve Kenya's biodiversity. We give local and international visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with, and feed the world's tallest animal, 'The Giraffe'.

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