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Golestan palace
كاخ گلستان


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Golestan Palace In Tehran, once the heart of Tehran with all the glories and excess of the Qajar Monarch, is now a grand complex full of charming Persian art. The word Gol (flowers) e (of) Stan (land) translates to 'Land of Flowers.' 

It's the oldest of Tehran Iran's historic monuments, not to mention of world heritage status. The Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran’s Historic Arg (citadel). While together it's a masterpiece of beautiful gardens and royal buildings full of Iranian craft collections.

Tehran’s Historic Arg was built during the reign of Tahmasp I (r. 1524-1576) of the Safavid dynasty (1502–1736), and was later renovated by Karim Khan of Zand (r. 1750-1779). Agha Mohammad Khan of Qajar (1742–1797) chose Tehran as his capital. The Arg finally became the site of the Qajar monarch between the years 1794–1925, and was the official residence of the royal Qajar family for quite some time.

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